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We develop people and organisations

Skagerak Consulting is a broad competence environment with specialised senior advisers who develop organisations and people. We offer everything your business needs to develop, recruit and grow. With offices in Sandefjord, Oslo, Porsgrunn, Kristiansand, and Fredrikstad and advisers who are constantly on the move, we are well equipped to take on assignments exactly where you need us.

Specialists with a practical approach

In Skagerak Consulting, everyone is an adviser – with comprehensive experience in management and specialist functions. We have worked hands-on and know well the challenges our customers face. Five partners own our company and work as full-time advisers in addition to managing the company.

Challenge and develop

Since our establishment in 2002, customer focus has been our most significant advantage, saturating our work methods. We involve you as a customer in all stages of the process and form valuable partnerships, which likely will be solid and long-lasting for you and us. Our driving forces are performance, quality, and innovation, and our advisers get to do what they enjoy the most: Challenging clients to develop. When we anchor this in well-documented methodology and a high standard of business ethics, it yields results for the client.

We are there when you need us

We work, literally, on assignments from Lindesnes to Nordkapp. Our advisers are flexible and not limited by geography. The fact that we run a nationwide business means that we have an extensive network in cities and rural areas. In addition, we have good partners that we draw on if it proves necessary.


Skagerak Consulting focuses on sustainable solutions both for ourselves and for our customers. As Environmental Lighthouse certified, we aim to run our business in the most sustainable way possible. Our environmental footprint links to our travel activity, and we are conscious of choosing clean, environment-friendly travel options. Further, the flexibility gained from good digital communication platforms enable us to be environmentally friendly alongside our clients.

Our guiding star

“There is always a better way,” you may hear our advisers say. “A better way” is our guiding star. It ensures that we constantly develop and remain relevant. We collaborate with various professional environments but grow and learn in collaboration with our clients. Internally, we cooperate and exchange knowledge. Our goal for our clients and ourselves is to be a little better tomorrow than we are today.

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