Storage of personal data

By registering in our CV database, you get the opportunity to apply for several positions advertised with us.

When you register your CV, it will be visible to those involved in our recruitment processes. Your CV and application data will only be used in connection with recruitment for positions with us. We may share your application with those of our advisers involved in recruitment and third parties who assist us in the recruitment process, including recruitment companies, providers of personality tests, etc.

A background check may be carried out on your CV information as part of the recruitment process.

Your CV will be in our database, and we encourage you to update it regularly. You can delete your CV yourself when you no longer wish to have it in the CV database.

Skagerak Consulting AS is responsible for processing the CV and recruitment database, Recman AS is the data processor.

If you have questions about a job advertisement or a concrete application process, you can contact the contact persons in the particular job advertisement.

We will keep your application and all other information you have given us until the application process is complete and for a subsequent period as long as we consider your application relevant to us, but under no circumstances to be extended beyond 12 months without you confirming yourself that we can store the longer than this.

By submitting your personal information:

  1. you declare that you have read, understood, and accepted the above guidelines
  2. you declare that the information submitted to us is complete and truthful and understand that deliberate omissions and false statements may result in the rejection of your application or subsequent dismissal
  3. you give your full consent to the processing of the submitted and subsequently collected information

If you have questions about the use of your data, or if you wish to be deleted from our computer systems, you can contact us by e-mail:

General terms of use when using the job search service Recman

The job search service that Skagerak Consulting uses in connection with its recruitment is owned and operated by Recman AS.

The primary purpose of the service is to give you the opportunity to present yourself through your CV and attachments in an efficient way to the employer who uses Recman as their recruitment solution when you apply for a job with them. When creating a CV profile with associated MasterCV, Recman AS is both data controller and data processor. It is not a requirement to create a profile in order to apply for a job through Recman, but it gives you access to several additional services that may be relevant to you as a job seeker – including efficient reuse of registered data and an overview of your application processes.

All information in the CV and recruitment database is stored per the Personal Data Act / EU Directive 95/46/EU in the country where the recruitment takes place.

The purpose of collecting personal information is to be able to present yourself in a relevant way to employers with whom you choose to apply for a job or register a CV. Recman takes your privacy into account and processes all personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act. Recman will not share your data with any outsiders. By using the service, you agree that Recman can process your data.

The information you register in Recman’s job search service is only available to you and the employers you choose to see it.

Email communication is central to most recruitment processes. All e-mail communication on positions you have applied for through Recman is deleted in the solution one year after the process is finished.

By creating a profile in Recman, you can receive information or notifications by email relating to various additional services in the solution. By accepting the terms of use, you agree that you can receive emails from Recman. In most cases, you can control whether you want to receive such notifications or not.

These terms of use may be updated at regular intervals. Your use of our websites and services is governed at all times by the version of the Terms of Use that is published at the time of use. You can find the latest applicable version of the general terms of use at any time when you are logged in to the service.

Recman uses cookies to store information that is relevant to job seekers who use the service. Recman uses cookies for the following:

Authentication when logging in to the service
Preferred application language
Recman works continuously to improve the jobseeker service and uses Google Analytics to analyze the usage pattern of the jobseekers who use the service. This gives Recman useful information about, for example, how many people click on various pages in the solution, how long they are there, and which browser they use. The information collected through Google Analytics is anonymized and cannot be linked to you as an individual.

Recman uses a service for machine document interpretation from Daxtra that allows jobseekers to upload a CV they already have in Word or PDF format and have it imported as a structured MasterCV into the job search service. CVs that are attempted to be imported via this service may be stored, anonymized, and used to improve this service so that the technology is able to extract more complete data when interpreting CVs from files.

You can delete your profile yourself whenever you wish. By doing this, your profile and your associated MasterCV will be deleted. CVs you have previously selected should be searchable in CV databases of employers who use Recman, then are automatically hidden from them. However, applications you have sent to an employer will not be deleted unless you contact the employer directly.

If you delete your profile and still have applications with an employer who uses Recman, the next time you use Recman, you will automatically have a profile, and a MasterCV created based on your most recently updated CV with one of these employers. By logging in, you can get an overview of which applications you have sent and which CV databases you are searchable in.

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