Enterprise- and business development

Development is the constant that yields improvement

In our professional environment within Enterprise and business development, we primarily build on our ability and experience in managing, planning, and implementing change – often in conjunction with a broad professional network, nationally and internationally.

Concurrently, our concern is with development representing a constant in the business. From this base, we have divided our consultancy into two main groups:

  • Development and improvement
  • Management and control

We amplify our implementation ability in collaboration with our colleagues and management and organizational development specialists.

Our advisers further offer interim management within a variety of functions and areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is development important for my business?

We want to help your business develop – to meet new requirements, be the best version of itself, or respond to the competitive situation. Contact us for a more thorough dialogue about the exact needs of your business.

How do you assist us, practically, with development?

We can assist you from the idea stage and strategic work to implementation and operationalization. Concurrently, our concerns are with taking care of the entire business. Whether this involves developing new types of products or services in the public or private sector, whether it is about technology or reorganization – everything is connected! Following your dialogue with our advisers, a tailored approach for your company will be arranged.

We run a public company. Can you also assist us?

SkC has extensive experience with business development – both in the public and private sectors. We assist you with successful development work – contact us and we will take a closer look at how together we can create progress for you.

What is behind your approach to improvement processes?

We refer to this totality in approach and context as our Process, Technology, Organization, and Infrastructure perspective (PTOI). We support this perspective and approach through our focus on joint planning and management of the work and an emphasis on change management and information and communication planning. Our advisers are happy to elaborate on this – get in touch!

How can we ensure the safe execution of change processes?

All businesses looking to succeed will rely on management and control. We guide you to understand the connection between your target and performance management, risk management, and the organization of necessary control measures. Furthermore – how to administer these complex connections in an overall management model.

I am a manager. How can I be sure that the right decisions are made on behalf of our business?

To make the right management decisions, you need a proper decision-making foundation. Solid business reporting is essential for a manager to make quick and correct decisions in an increasingly complex everyday life. Reliable business reporting builds on critical operational information, KPIs, accounting reports, proactive analyses, and deviation explanations. We use our experience so that you achieve improved management and control.

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