Management and organisational development

It’s all about people

Do you think HR work, personnel, and organisational development belong in the soft end of company life? There is a clear connection between highly motivated employees, high productivity, and good performance. More than anything, the driving force in a business is affected by how managers perform in their jobs. The advisers in Skagerak Consulting work with a significant commitment to developing, challenging, and supporting managers at all levels in the organisation.

We base services within management and organisational development on well-documented processes adapted to the individual business. A tailored plan ensures the execution quality and optimal business benefit from the process.

Would you like to get to know us and how we work? Feel free to contact one of our advisers for a non-binding dialogue. It could be the birth of something new and exciting for you and your business.

Where does your shoe pinch?

Sooner or later, most managers experience the pinching shoe. With extensive consultancy and management experience, all advisers in Skagerak Consulting have worn the same pinchy shoes and even worn them out. To our clients, this analogy gives us an advantage: We seek insight and listen before we provide you with qualified advice and guidance. Our approach is always tangible and practical, so you as a manager can master daily life’s small and significant management challenges.

Speed and direction

We help you when you plan to accomplish the extraordinary, be it change and restructuring, reorganisation, downsizing, handling work environment challenges, or conflict resolution. Remember, what is an unusual situation for you and your organization, may be well known to us and something we have experience handling. Together with you, we will contribute to your organisation’s speed and direction.

Here is how we help your company

We develop managers, employees, and teams:

  • Leadership development, courses, and leadership development programs
  • Effective management teams
  • Management support, guidance, and coaching
  • Development interviews with personality test NEO-PI-3 (Big 5)
  • Motivation and communication
  • Team development
  • Conflict management and -coping
  • Robustness and self-management

We develop organizations:

  • Organisational development
  • Adjustment and change
  • Project and process management
  • Lead Forward and Team Pro; mapping tools for managers
  • Cultural development
  • Learning organization
  • Interaction in work communities
  • Work environment

Our advisers within management and organisational development