Board member recruitment

Does your board hold the right expertise?

Value creation for companies relies on the summary of available expertise. Therefore, a board consisting of the right people with the right skills is essential for long-term success.

With an increasingly evolving society, the board’s commitment and influence have become significant – not only in strategic planning and as a decision-making body but also as management advisers.

A professional board strengthens the business

The competence of the board and management is decisive for the quality of the decisions to safeguard the owners’ interests and the company’s results. New insight, more knowledge, and a good level of cooperation at the board level are helpful for companies facing demands and expectations. Many acknowledge that the board elected a few years ago may not have the expertise required in the new situation. This situation indicates that it is time to conduct a professional recruitment process to find new board members.

We have solid experience with board recruitment

Skagerak Consulting has solid experience with board recruitment and has prepared a methodology as a basis for this recruitment work. Composing a well-functioning board with complementary knowledge and qualities requires a good understanding of board work and professional recruitment. The advisers in Skagerak Consulting have both.

Do you need help with board recruitment?

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